Studio Fantasma
Studio Fantasma is a creative partnership of Cristiana De Zanche and Pietro Gaudenzi.
What we do: we provide digital handmade illustrations and high level graphics. More, we create and implement projects that speak about the world of our clients.
Because we have been published in numerous magazines and are frequent contributors to publications worldwide, we know deeply the world of costume and fashion, that we like to translate in an ironic way.
We apply our creativity to many supports: below-the-line projects, corporate identities, packaging, web projects, editorials, textile design.
Our mission: we express the “necessary superfluous” to help our clients to enhance their brand and products and attract their ideal clients: we tell their story, we speak about their inspirations, we describe their ambitions.
Our vision: we create a recognizable and seductive style that makes people dream, smile and enjoy the product.
Our process: we listen our clients, follow their requests, elaborate a project through our personal style.
We appreciate to solve problems in collaborative teams: in every project we form a team with our clients.
Our creative process passes through digital handmade techniques. This allows us to rework fast and easy our images, following all the requests.
All works © Studio Fantasma 2020 - all rights reserved.
Please do not reproduce without the expressed written consent of Studio Fantasma - vat 05872120968