The lawyer Massimiliano Leone Patrini is the founder of MLP Intellectual Property, a law firm that deals with consulting and litigation relating to trademarks, patents, trade secrets, unfair competition and copyright. The headquarters is located within the Polo per l’innovazione tecnologica (Technological innovation Center) in Dalmine - Bergamo (Italy). Founded in 1996 to enhance the development of the territory, the Center consists of a multifunctional area of over 40,000 mq divided into spaces for the corporate offices, laboratories and research centers. It's one of the most important science parks in Italy. For MLP our firm has designed a logo that reminds to the main symbols of the copyright; the iconic stamps on the technical projects for the registration of trademarks and patents; the geometric shapes and the tubes of the industrial buildings; the old logo of Tenaris Dalmine, the industrial building that hosts the Center.
Moreover, we realized the illustrations, graphics and mise-en-page of the "Illustrated Vademecum about the Industrial and Intellectual Property applied to Visual Arts". Concept and text by Massimiliano Leone Patrini.
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